Should I Buy or Sell now?

BUY or SELL? See Alex Yao, PREC RealtorBuy or Sell?  This is the most asked question to any home buyer or seller.  Are you looking to get into the market but don’t know where to start?  First of all, I’m sure you have done some research on your own, obtaining information online through the media, friends and family, other Realtors, or simply hearsay.

“You should buy now before home prices are out of reach.”

“Sell now while the market is hot.”

“Great time to downsize!”

“We are in a bubble…and it’s about to burst!  Buy then!”

“You should invest now…the more you spend the more you make!”

What should you believe?  Truth is, most of the time what you get through the media or online sources, is just ONE number shown in a percentage of growth or decline, which is an average of all submarkets.  But how do you interpret it to your specific sub market?  If you need to “move”, therefore sell and buy, which should you do first?  How do you win a multiple offer situation?  In the area that you’re looking at, what should you be looking for to minimize risk?  What makes a sound investment?


I provide my clients with the most credible information available.  Dissecting market numbers to translate it into something that is relevant to YOU is what I do best.  Once all preparations are complete and lined up, I have exclusive marketing tools to ensure your home is sold quickly for top dollar.  Want in on the secret?  Please send me a direct message below and I will respond personally within 24 hours.

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